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Quality Service Oriented Policing

The Quality Service Oriented Policing (QSOP) Program has been successfully delivered to a number of police and law enforcement agencies. The program focuses on "…creating ambassador quality policing skills in front line police officers…" The program targets communities with large tourist or visitor populations and deals with such topics as "Policing the traveling public", "Diversion crimes", "policing the homeless", "Hate and Bias Crime - America's ethnic communities in the post terrorist attack world", "Anti terrorism awareness training, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" and other topics designed to meet the needs of each community.
The QSOP program success has been based upon the customization of the program for each community. An NPSLC assessment team will normally meet with the client representatives and their identified community stakeholders to ensure that input is sought groups, agencies and individuals that can positively impact upon the programs outcome.

The ensuing report identifies various observations and recommendations from the assessment team, and the recommendations for items to be included in the QSOP Program.

To date, this has been a formula for success, with QSOP Program attendees providing consistently positive reviews on the program and training.

For more information on the QSOP Program and references, please contact us.