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Harassment & Discrimination Liability Training for Public Safety and Security Professionals

Although the issue of sexual harassment is one that touches all employers, its relevance to law enforcement agencies extends beyond the concerns associated with more traditional settings.

Sexual harassment is as common to the field of criminal justice as to any other area of American Enterprise, and the laws regarding how it should be regarded and dealt with apply to criminal justice agencies as much as to private sector workplaces. Awareness of the law and the consequences for disregarding it are the cornerstone elements that will guide criminal justice managers in effectively carrying out their responsibilities and avoiding liabilities for the agencies they administer.

This training course includes:

  • Identify and describe forms of sexual harassment, and give examples.
  • Outline the agency's grievance procedure
  • Explain how to use it, and discuss the importance of doing so.
  • Discuss the penalty for violating the policy.
  • Emphasize the need for a workplace free of harassment, offensive conduct, intimidation, or other forms of discrimination.