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Counter-terrorism is the nation's highest profile challenge since the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks in September 2001. The conclusion is thatlarge segments of the private sector, including most of our critical infrastructure ans well as all Government facilities are increasingly vulnerable to the immediate threat of terrorism. People, government facilities and the supporting infrastructures all are at risk.

The quality of the first response, almost always the responsibility of local government, may well determine how many people live or die. This burden extends beyond the traditional "first responders" to include much broader sectors of local government and the surrounding community, particularly hospitals, public health clinics and other health care providers. The NPSS Government Preparedness and Consequence Planning Assessment program is designed to provide local or county government officials with an assessment of the current state of preparedness for the jurisdiction and an evaluation of the response components. The process examines risks, threats and preparedness in a broader "complete response package", which crosses governmental, departmental and organizational boundaries. In this way duplication and cross-jurisdictional conflicts are avoided and scarce local resources can be allocated to where they are needed most.