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Strategic Intelligence Services & Homeland Security Consultation

The need for government, major corporations, and non-profit organizations to better understand and counter emerging threats of political and economic terrorism has become apparent. NPSS founders include several of the worlds most renowned and respected intelligence and counter terrorism experts. Through our world-class global intelligence resources and networks, NPSS can provide the following services:
  • Security and intelligence related consulting services for companies performing or contemplating doing business in selected regions and emerging markets (e.g. Middle east, China, India, Russia, Brazil and Mexico)
  • Political and economic trends fostering instability and terrorism
  • Operating in international environments with political instability, corruption, insurgency, or organized crime
  • Intelligence services organizational review
  • Develop, train and implement intelligence services for law enforcement and military organizations

The globalization of business and information technology pose numerous challenges for safeguarding the Enterprise, Personnel, Facilities, Operations, Information Technology/Information Systems and Intellectual Assets from competitive intelligence and hostile forces targeting the unassuming and unprepared. Terrorism can strike anywhere at anytime. NPSS fully understands these issues as a result of he field expertise that distinguishes our team from other security specialists. Over the past thirty years, senior NPSS management has been instrumental in de-escalating potentially catastrophic events both within and outside our domestic borders. During this period of time, our executives have forged enduring bonds with law enforcement and intelligence services around the world. This tightly knit community relies on the trust and familiarity of its peers to mobilize resources that are otherwise unavailable to the business communities at large.

Additional Services:

  • Political and security risk analysis
  • International investigations (due diligence, fraud, electronic commerce)
  • Information Security Liabilities
  • Security Coordination- Physical, Personnel, Operational, Technological
  • Crisis management
  • Planning and Development (contingency, emergency and security plans)
  • Internal Audit and Compliance (policy review, procedural compliance, statutory and legal compliance, human resource management, etc.)