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In today's environment, all levels of government are seeking new technologies, information systems, equipment and services to enhance community safety and security. County, state, municipal and federal governments are overwhelmed by information, marketing literature and sales exchange overload.

In this environment, government executives frequently turn to organizations and people that are experienced, trustful, knowledgeable and able to assist them through the acquisition and selection process.

The NPSS team has provided these services to government, corporate and NGO clients at the local, state and national levels. The NPSS team includes executives with years of experience at the highest levels of government, who are knowledgeable and experienced at assessing and procuring safety and risk related services within the government and corporate environment.

With this experience, the NPSS Group has displayed the ability to represent select clients to a broad range of government agencies, NGO's and corporation’s across the United States and Canada, ensuring that suitable products and services are presented to elected officials and executives that are in positions to authorize expenditures. Our successful work in this area has displayed our capacity to reach into the highest levels of government to create an awareness of products and services that meet the needs of the client.

The NPSS Group assesses each client, evaluates the product, service and target market, and then will make comprehensive recommendations for an awareness strategy to be presented to government executives that will provide a unique profile for the clients product or service.