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Competitive Intelligence

Whether you are charged with protecting existing multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investment, or managing corporate safe travel programs, you can't afford to be unaware of threats related to crime, terrorism, or civil unrest. Our international resources monitor rapidly changing world events in order to keep corporations apprised of developments that might affect the safety and security of their corporate assets and employees. Intelligence in our system is continually updated around the clock, 365 days per year. Thousands of sources are monitored using sophisticated computer programs, which alert the category and regional analysts to breaking news and situations around the world.

NPSS provides clients with early intelligence about their competitors, enabling them to develop smarter market strategies. This can make a real difference in today's fierce, highly competitive global market.

NPSS intelligence experts evaluate the market in which your company operates and determine how competitors are approaching the same problems you face, where they excel and where they fall short, and whether or not rivals are in a financially strong position.

With this information, your company can make wiser short- and long-term decisions about expansion, acquisitions and marketing, and allocate assets appropriately to achieve established business goals.

What We Do

  • Identify potential market threats and business risk areas
  • Help clients anticipate competitor initiatives and proactively respond to them
  • Identify competitor vulnerabilities
  • Help clients gain an advantage in competitive bids and auctions

How You Benefit

  • Clearer strategic direction
  • Improved financial position
  • Understanding of market structure
  • Understanding of pricing/cost structure
  • Understanding of marketing and distribution practices
  • Better market positioning
  • New market entry
  • Better deployed manufacturing, operations and logistics
  • Better focused research, engineering and product development
  • Better understanding of government and regulatory issues