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Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

As a result of the 9/11/01 attacks, Counter-terrorism has become this nation's most significant concern and challenge. We now fully recognize that the U.S. infrastructure, both public and private, is increasingly vulnerable to the immediate threat of terrorism. People, corporate facilities and the supporting infrastructures all are at risk. The increased potential for the use of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological and nuclear, by terrorists has added yet another dimension to the nature of the threat.

The quality of a corporations response to this challenge may well determine how many people live or die. The protection and response burden extends beyond the traditional "first responders" to include much broader elements of both the private and public sectors. The Preparedness and Consequence Planning Assessment program for corporations and businesses is designed to provide leadership with an assessment of the current state of preparedness for the company and an evaluation of the response components. The process examines risks, threats and preparedness in a broad "complete preparedness and response package", which crosses corporate, departmental and organizational boundaries. In this way duplication and conflicts are avoided and scarce local resources can be allocated to where they are needed most.

At the completion of the process, the corporate leadership will receive a comprehensive report qualifying potential threats, identifying existing risks, and categorizing levels of preparedness. NPSS assessment teams consist of professionals from diverse backgrounds in counter-terrorism, social services, bio-chem technology and public safety. Combined with our professionals who have extensive experience in working with corporations, NPSS is uniquely positioned to support the business community with these timely and needed assessments.

The assessments are priced in accordance with the scope and scale of the business entity and based upon the amount of time and number of experts dedicated to the successful completion of the tasks.