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Mark Genatempo
Mark Genatempo has been providing information technology management, systems integration support, and project oversight for several of Cardinal Point Strategies (CPS) largest initiatives over the past 7 years. In addition to his primary duties as the webmaster of several sites and senior information officer, Mr. Genatempo is also integral to the database management and support of the Secure Community Network (SCN) alert and notification systems; responsible for the dissemination of critical counter terrorism threat information and training to thousands of institutions and individuals worldwide. Mr. Genatempo currently manages one of the Company's flag-ship initiatives; the Brownyard Educational Center (BEC). CPS teamed with the Brownyard Group and the nation's leading, online content providers and built a world-class web-based training portal that can be accessed by security firms for the purpose of professional development in the security industry. This first-ever, national online training center of excellence, serves as the national warehouse of one of the largest libraries for all security-related training and consultancy at multiple levels, delivered through an unrivaled, centralized forum. Mr. Genatempo's experience with the Company includes oversight and coordination of event security for the largest women's organization in the world, during their annual conference of over 2500 participants. Mr. Genatempo has also conducted numerous technical counter surveillance and vulnerability and risk assessments for clients, organizations, and high profile individuals. In the early years of Mr. Genatempo's work with CPS, he was part of a renowned cadre of law enforcement specialists that designed and implemented a training program for law enforcement agencies in Eurasia on how to identify, investigate and prosecute hate crimes, domestic terrorism, and civil unrest. This program has been adopted, in whole or in part, into the curriculum of close to twenty Eurasian countries' police academies. Prior to entering into the Homeland Security and Information Technology Consulting industry with CPS, Mr. Genatempo was a manager for the world's largest specialty retailer where his responsibilities included risk and personnel management, loss prevention, and operations in several of their installations.