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Confused about Distance learning for your agency?

Also called, CAT or Computer Assisted Training and sometimes-called distance learning. Computer based and Web based training are interactive training tools that allow You to learn right at your desktop PC. Information is delivered to your screen, questions are posed, and you receive feedback on your responses. You navigate your way through the training process in a graphically enhanced environment finishing with a test that measures how much you've retained. The advantage is the flexibility it offers to take each course at your own pace, your own time, and at your own workstation.

Other aspects of computer based training: Easily measurable - The training programs have thorough tests providing accurate feedback, allowing you to measure the return on your training investment. Mastery Oriented - Successful completion of the courses and test implies a guaranteed level of understanding, and you can retake a course again until this level is achieved. Modular - You take only the program segments you need, ensuring that training is interesting and relevant.

NPSLC is partnering with the nations foremost distance-learning practitioners offering the expertise needed to assess and or initiate a successful Web-CBT public safety-training platform.

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