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The vast resources of money and time invested in monitoring equipment, alarms and security guards have been inadequate in preventing injury or death resulting from fires, criminal actions and other acts (hazing, date rape, etc…) at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Unfortunately, the millions of dollars invested in reaction/response systems and programs divert resources from adequately protecting the lives of campus inhabitants. Accordingly, to address preparedness training for their campus inhabitants most institutions must resort to inexpensive , uninspiring information manuals and unimaginative leaflets that quickly become coffee table clutter and filed in the waste paper basket.
Harnessing the interactive and cost effective dynamics of e-learning and automated database management, Safer Campus delivers an innovative web-native platform and Management Service Provider (MSP) solution that enables colleges and universities to comply with legislative mandates concerning fire safety and crime prevention in addition to teaching students life affirming skills. This combination of risk management solutions and web-native applications are powered by a knowledge and documentation reservoir reflecting an aggregation of experience and achievements over the decades by the founding Principals and Honorary Contributors.

The Safer Campus Platform features comprehensive yet highly focused content that is engaging, imaginative, and user friendly. Base platform modules include:

  • Fire Safety Prevention Training and Reporting
  • Crime Prevention and Information
  • Hazing
  • Date Rape

Every Safer Campus platform will be branded for the host college or university and will include customizable templates for each individual user in the community of interest. The "My Safety Ports" will enable students, faculty, administrators and security officers to access the interactive modules, reports and information as needed and as authorized by the access rules established by the host college or university. The "My Safety Port" will be issued a unique digital certificate for each user that becomes the sign on and documentation authenticator.


  • Compliance with the federally mandated Fire Safe Dorm Act of 2000
  • Compliance with the Jeanne Cleary Act
  • Comprehensive and Irrefutable Tracking, Auditing and Reporting
  • Liability Risk Reduction- Litigation
  • Possible Insurance Premiums Reductions
  • Best Practices- Information Sharing and Access
  • Real Time Updates
  • Competitive Advantage for Attracting Students